Tariff and Legislation
S/No.DescriptionLast Updated
Animal Production and Health Division Requirements
1Animal Permit-Product CodesApr 14,2012
Companies Registry Online Forms
1Form 22 - Power of Attorney-Consent to Act as AttorneyApr 14,2015
2Form 32 - Statutory Declaration (External CO)Apr 14,2012
HS Tariff
1List of HS Codes Requiring OGA Endorsements (excel)Feb 26,2019
2List of HS Codes Requiring OGA Endorsements (pdf)Feb 26,2019
3Standard Operating Procedure for the Clearance of Imported GoodsApr 22,2016
4Suspension/Variation of Duty 2016Jan 22,2016
5T&T HS Tariff 2012Jan 11,2018
6TTBS Terms and Conditions for InspectionsNov 22,2017
7e-Goods Declaration Declarant InstructionsNov 09,2016
Incentives for Non-energy Sector
1Compendium of IncentivesSep 18,2015
1Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act-67.02Apr 14,2015
2Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act-78.05Apr 14,2012
3Antibiotics Act-30.02Apr 14,2015
4Bills of Lading Act-50.03Apr 14,2012
5CARICOM Costa Rica Free Trade Act-81.10Apr 14,2012
6CARICOM Cuba Trade and Economic Co-operation Act-81.12Apr 14,2012
7CARICOM Dominican Republic Free Trade Act-81.06Apr 14,2012
8Companies Act-81.01Apr 14,2012
9Computer Misuse Act-11.17Apr 14,2012
10Consumer Protection and Safety Act-82.34Apr 14,2012
11Copyright Act-82.80Apr 14,2012
12Corporation Tax Act-75.02Apr 14,2012
13Customs Act-78.01Mar 22,2018
14Customs Act-78.01Apr 10,2018
15Customs Amendment Act-No. 6 of 2013Apr 14,2012
16Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Act-78.03Apr 14,2012
17Data Protection Act-No.13 of 2011Apr 14,2012
18Economic Partnership Agreement Act-No.9 of 2013Apr 14,2012
19Electronic Transactions Act-No. 6 of 2011Apr 14,2012
20Exchequer and Audit Act-69.01Apr 14,2012
21Exportation of Food Act-63.53Apr 14,2012
22Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act-63.55Apr 14,2012
23Fiscal Incentives Act-85.01Apr 14,2012
24Food and Drugs Act-30.01Apr 14,2012
25Foreign Investment Act-70.07Apr 14,2012
26Free Zones Act-81.07Apr 14,2012
27Immigration Act-18.01Apr 14,2012
28Income Tax (In Aid of Industry) Act-85.04Apr 14,2012
29Income Tax Act-75.01Apr 14,2012
30Interception of Communications Act 2011-NewApr 14,2012
31Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and TobagoApr 14,2015
32Metrology Act-2004Apr 14,2012
33Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act-30.03Apr 14,2012
34Plant (Export Prohibition Act)-63.54Apr 14,2012
35Plant Protection Act-63.56Apr 14,2012
36Registration of Business Names Act-82.85Apr 14,2012
37Revised Treaty of ChaguaramasApr 14,2012
38Standards Act-1997Apr 14,2012
39Tourism Development Act-87.22Apr 14,2012
40Trade Descriptions Act-82.04Apr 14,2012
41Trade Ordinance-T&T Gazette No. 19 of 1958Apr 14,2012
42VAT (Amendment to Schedule 2) Legal Notice No. 17, 2016Feb 02,2016
43Value Added Tax Act-75.06Apr 14,2012
Maritime Sector Documents
1Letter from T&T Coast Guard (MSSPSFU) Re: Filing of e-PANS through TTBizLink e-Maritime ServicesMay 11,2016
2MTCC Reporting Notice, Forms and GuidelinesOct 12,2017
3Maritime Services Division Shipping Notice SN 3 - 2017 World Maritime DaySep 27,2017
4Maritime Services Division Shipping Notice SN 6 - 2016Mar 22,2016
5Maritime Services Division Shipping Notice SN2 - 2017Sep 18,2017
6Notice to Customs Re: New Harbour Master CertificateMay 11,2016
Plant Quarantine Services Requirements
1Common/Botanical Names and Material Descriptions May 2012Apr 14,2015
1Customs Regulations (Subsidiary Legislation)-78.01Apr 14,2015
2Data Protection Act of 2011-Legal No. No 2 of 2012Apr 14,2012
3Electronic Transactions Act of 2011-Legal Notice No.1 of 2012 (Proclamation of Parts I, II, III and IV of Act)Apr 14,2012
4Electronic Transactions Act of 2011-Legal Notice No.3 of 2012 (Proclamation of Part VII of Act)Apr 14,2012
5Export Negative List - Legal Notices Nos. 123 of 1998, 16 of 2012, 291 of 2014, and 130 of 2015Apr 14,2012
6Import Negative List - Legal Notices Nos. 69 of 1999, 40 of 2004, 290 of 2014, and 129 of 2015Apr 14,2012
7Interception of Communications-Legal Notice, 17 December 2010Apr 14,2012
8Plant Protection Subsidiary Regulations-63.56Apr 14,2012
9The Common External Tariff (Suspension) Order, 2013-Legal Notice No. 24Apr 14,2012
10The Common External Tariff (Variation of Duty) Order, 2013-Legal Notice No. 25Apr 14,2012
11The Value Added Tax (Amendment to Schedule 2) (No. 2) Order-Nov 2012Apr 14,2012
12The Value Added Tax (Amendment to Schedule 2) Order-2009Apr 14,2012
13The Value Added Tax Regulations-Chap 75.06Apr 14,2012
Sector Policies
1Revised Foreign Used Car Policy 2015-2018Apr 14,2012
2Scrap Metal Policy - 2013Apr 14,2015
3Trade Policy and Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago, 2013-2017Apr 14,2012
Trade Licence Unit Requirements
1Declaration for Licence to Import Used RHD VehicleOct 14,2016
2Export Licences - Required Supporting DocumentsApr 14,2012
3Import Licences - Common Item DescriptionsFeb 09,2018
4Import Licences - Required Supporting DocumentsApr 14,2012
5Import Negative List HS CodesJun 17,2016
6Sample Letter of Authorization for CollectionApr 14,2012
7Scrap Metal Transaction DetailsApr 14,2012
Trade and Investment Agreements
1Partial Scope Trade Agreement between Trinidad and Tobago and PanamaApr 14,2015